Recover lost data from hard drives

A hard drive is more than just an electronic device. It holds important and precious memories or pieces of work from your business and studies that cannot be replaced.

Hard drive data recovery is required when a hard drive fails, becomes physically damaged or can not longer be read by the computer it’s connected to.

The process of hard drive data recovery is typically beneficial for businesses, students and individual users and involves the salvaging of vital data on desktop PCs, Macbooks, laptops and external hard drives.

Why do Hard Drives Fail?

There are several different explanations as to why a hard drive may fail;

1. Degraded hard drives

Formatted hard drives, deleted files, erased partitions and lost BIOS settings.

2. Mechanically failed hard drives

This failure type could be recognised from clicking/ticking noises, power failures and head crashes.

3. Electronically failed hard drives

This could consist of power surges and incorrect power supplies.

4. Accidents and human error

This can occur as a result of being knocked/dropped or from incidents involving fire/water/flood damage.

All hard disk drives work on the same principle. Hard disks are a non-volatile storage device that stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surfaces. The data is accessed by read/write heads attached to the end of the actuator arm that floats a minute distance above the platter surface.

These are sensitive moving parts that are susceptible to damage and wear-and-tear over time, especially due to physical shock. 

Hard drive data recovery is a delicate process, the sooner you act, the higher than chances of recovery are. It’s important that you contact our data recovery specialists as soon as possible for the best possible chance of recovery. 

We can recover data from all types of hard disk drives, including external drives, laptop drives, external hard drives and more.